I look at him. I withdraw arguments that validate their existence and the eyelids are hidden, emphasizing the inclination towards the invisible dust that ideas accumulate.

1 sptember 2021 - 01:10:13 h


the order of architects did not allow itself to be corrupted and gave me water spread over ornate bridges in an open space.

1 sptember 2021 - 01:10:13 h


Without an ennobled record, I cannot immolate myself in the pleasant companionship of solitude.

1 sptember 2021 - 01:10:13 h


I need a glass of sleep
on a sapling night

24 may 2021 - 00:54:44 h


change my state
remove the donkey flaps
kick all the past
I put the future ahead.

08 december 2019 - 23:54:43 h


it's unfortunate,
don't have time to write

27 november 2019 - 09:52:09 h


in the carnal fight provoked by indecision
of existential problematics

02 september 2019 - 00:541 12 h



hear the understanding
of rhythmic purity
of human nature

02 september 2019 - 00:541 12 h



I finish the day
with devotion
that's what I wanted
I was right

18 august 2019 - 11:25: 53 h



perfection is a chasing horizon 
either get hit or dye

1 august 2019 - 23:50: 49 h



Between the sad and the laughing I drink the joy of the words and in the chair of self-analysis I am awarded 
for the sweet encounter with the present.

3 june 2019 - 22:28:53 h



The reason for registering unattainable ideas is because of the need to fill the morning ahead without a shred of mystery.

29 april 2019 - 18:01:27 h



Isolation diminishes the mental order, leading to the vexation of dreams. There is power in wanting, while giving up suffers joy. It is not the greed of social strife that aids wisdom.

30 março 2019 - 09:20:34 h



I want to get out of myself and the flesh will not let it, even venting trembling sweetness. I pretend to retreat. I think with possession, and it was long gone when I called for myself, perplexed by my bad manners to loiter my conscience.

14 January 2019 - 19:19:05 h



The intelligence of abstraction
does not run and stops diary.

17 december 2018 - 19:37:33 h



It even drove the rest of the afternoon, 
if my wish was not so tasteful.

19 october 2018 - 09:53:16 h



I miss you a lot. I love my new Grouping, but I don't forget the great experiences I had at PG, mixed with the regret that I couldn't give more of myself in your company.

Life has strange paths that must necessarily be traveled.

Thank you for upsetting me and for showing me that I am human and therefore more than wrong. They stay in my heart and greatly contributed to being better in person and a much better teacher.

I am in another reality, closer than I am, but more enriched by what I had from you. I will visit you whenever I can. Forever grateful.

11 october 2018 - 18:01:31 h



Now I have the calm in correct degrade, as below I dedicate myself to offerings of cakes Latin pastry.

27 august 2018 - 18:49:16 h



I carry the beautiful in my arms.

Waterfalls of Joy Wrap the Past

in the breeze that leaves with me.

30 july 2018 - 22:00:16 h



14 may 2018 - 00:10:46 h



26 april 2018 - 13:13:44 h



22 february 2018 - 19:44:31 h



26 november 2017 - 15.24.59 h



7 october 2017 - 00:04:08 h



3 september 2017 - 09:43:45 h



7 may 2017- 23:42:05 h



impulses on naked skin

so much the sun covers the wind 
how the earth eats the air 
just like the thought 
always always questioning.

panorama where delight 
in a feeling that I want so much 
what a beautiful awkward love 
You can see it as soon as I overstate it.

a moment taken 
generates a distinct future 
fruit from the garbage removed 
It's a present for my feelings.


15 april 2017- 19::07:15 h



25 september 2016 - 23:44:32 h

A Covilhã com raízes de lã

25 september 2016 - 23:44:32 h

A Covilhã com raízes de lã

18 september 2016 - 02:03:23 h

A Covilhã com raízes de lã

15 september 2016 - 01:17:15 h

A Covilhã com raízes de lã

5 february 2016 - 17:55:03 h

A Covilhã com raízes de lã

10 January 2016 - 23:19:08 h

A Covilhã com raízes de lã

12 october 2015 - 15:11:21 h

A Covilhã com raízes de lã

2 october 2015 - 17:41:12 h

A Covilhã com raízes de lã

1 september 2015 - 17:31:07 h

emoções insondáveis de amores que a Margem Sul recorda

3 july 2015 - 16:07:56 h

emoções insondáveis de amores que a Margem Sul recorda

14 may 2015 - 21:33:59 h

emoções insondáveis de amores que a Margem Sul recorda

19 março 2015 - 13:07:31 h

emoções insondáveis de amores que a Margem Sul recorda

9 february 2015 - 19:07:31 h

emoções insondáveis de amores que a Margem Sul recorda

13 January 2015 - 13:32:30 h

emoções insondáveis de amores que a Margem Sul recorda

4 october 2014 - 21:12:52 h

emoções insondáveis de amores que a Margem Sul recorda

20 july 2014 - 23:35:21 h

emoções insondáveis de amores que a Margem Sul recorda

10 june 2014 - 00:16:31 h

emoções insondáveis de amores que a Margem Sul recorda

07 june 2014 - 01:28:37 h

emoções insondáveis de amores que a Margem Sul recorda

26 february 2014 - 22:49:52 h

emoções insondáveis de amores que a Margem Sul recorda

23 december 2013 - 00:08:25 h

emoções insondáveis de amores que a Margem Sul recorda

23 september 2013 - 23:22:09 h

emoções insondáveis de amores que a Margem Sul recorda

10 september 2013 - 23:03:07 h

emoções insondáveis de amores que a Margem Sul recorda

11 august 2013 - 22:08:09 h

emoções insondáveis de amores que a Margem Sul recorda

28 july 2013 - 00:13:27 h

recebo e sinto

24 july 2013 - 23:37:03 h

recebo e sinto

12 july 2013 - 00:39:13 h

os erros estão em grande

03 july 2013 - 21:49:04 h

Sou uma vítima da tranquilidade

17 june 2013 - 22:31:16 h

Não acredito que o corpo deixe fugir a alma.

24 april 2013 - 00:31:14 h

Não acredito que o corpo deixe fugir a alma.

10 april 2013 - 23:29:39 h

Dou frutos rápidos e desapareço.

20 february 2013 - 23:19:59 h

Duas Palavras. Quais? Um beijo

13 december 2012 - 23:58:11 h

Inventar o meu próprio roteiro.

7 december 2012 - 11:02:34 h

Há prazeres no ar para eu querer, apertos de sorrisos a representarem-me.

23 november 2012 - 23:39:47 h

Há prazeres no ar para eu querer, apertos de sorrisos a representarem-me.

23 november 2012 - 00:04:12 h

Há prazeres no ar para eu querer, apertos de sorrisos a representarem-me.

14 november 2012 - 12:40:34 h

Há prazeres no ar para eu querer, apertos de sorrisos a representarem-me.

03 november 2012 - 01:44:40 h

Bolas de Criança

10 october 2012 - 19:43:06 h

Bolas de Criança

5 october 2012 - 12:30:34 h


Muda o que dizes, não o que sentes

16 august 2012 - 00:42:39 h

Muda o que dizes, não o que sentes

16 july 2012 - 23:19:07 h

o meu diário tem a primavera dentro

08 july 2012 - 11:25:46 h

o meu diário tem a primavera dentro

15 june 2012 - 00:28:27 h

A vida é para ser comida com os dentes.

8 june 2012 - 01:40:36 h

A vida é para ser comida com os dentes.

26 may 2012 - 11:53:11 h

A vida é para ser comida com os dentes.

13 april 2012 - 19:54:52 h

Plagio o visto para o transformar nisto

5 april 2012 - 19:15:15 h

Plagio o visto para o transformar nisto

9 february 2012 - 01:15:59 h

Plagio o visto para o transformar nisto

8 december 2011 - 00:18:52 h

Plagio o visto para o transformar nisto

30 november 2011 - 12:04:30 h

Plagio o visto para o transformar nisto

Madness, come here and serve as a placebo 
to all problems.

27 october 2011 - 17:41:27 h

Plagio o visto para o transformar nisto

Plagiarize the visa to make it into this.

28 september 2011 - 23:41:23 h

Tantas sumptuosidades a que por ser humano tenho acesso.

So many sumptuousness 
which I have access to as a human being.

19 september 2011 - 13:01:27 h

The Mask of Time

23 august 2011 - 17:03:19 h

Hoje vou colorir o invisível.

Today, I will color the invisible.
16 august 2011 - 10:51:03 h

Aproveitar a vida sem fazer dela corrida.

Enjoy life without making it race.
28 june 2011 - 20:55:14 h

A vida é tão simples quando se idolatra a interioridade.

Life is so simple when you idolize interiority.
19 june 2011 - 09:53:41 h

Sem o consentimento da perfeição

04 june 2011 - 06:35:40 h

What a serenity it is that fills with emotions that are strangely easy to reflect. Perhaps the dream, with its reflections of glazed physical neediness in the smoked one, does not misrepresent my legacy that I have always found resplendent in magic. 

13 may 2011 - 01:05:44 h

A Felicidade? Não! O bem-estar é mais certo.

The happiness? Not! Well-being is more certain. 

30 april 2011 - 21:50:09 h

A arte casou comigo

Art married me 
but I want nothing from her 
everyone thinks I follow her 
taking into account that the care. 

(Heptassyllable or Greater Roundel)

30 april 2011 - 22:35:00 h

I need the world to stop to realize it.

27 april 2011 - 22:10:50 h

O gosto pelo individual vem do criativo

The taste for the individual comes from the creative 
and of the slave thoughts of the head-wheel shape. 

20 april 2011 - 17:02:35 h

As ideias têm sexo?

7 april 2011 - 21:34:14 h

The fish in the water greet me with the crumbs of the sewers and the secrets of the riddles in the rubble of Aveiro. The fruitful night has poisonous brilliance and sequins of Greek origin, with a sassy rostrum to ask.

15 february 2011 - 23:15:49 h

Pilgrim through the day, with strangeness as a guide.

11 february 2011 - 11:29:38 h

When I feel nothing, I have to pretend.

28 february 2011 - 00:20:42 h

I am a considerate pawn in this housing universe.

25 february 2011 - 13:11:28 h

I want the thoughts to feed 
my joy to see.

07 february 2011 - 00:36:44 h

What I am all I like.

31 January 2011 - 22:08:40 h

Awakening the intimate in line with the sun god 
that goes full day.

28 January 2011 - 23:58:48 h

Knowing what doesn't pay matters.

19 January 2011 - 22:35:15 h

Looks like the outside has stripped of its monotonous 
and consecrated the volatility that all illusions have.

06 January 2011 - 13:21:56 h

It's cold to want to be ice, 
be all pure and love to be.

28 december 2010 - 16:20:24 h

It's not the dead that fall in the dark 
but who listens to them.

15 december 2010 - 23:16:59 h

It's hot, and on vacation motivation 
walks the forbidden stress.

13 december 2010 - 11:07:00 h

Phrases gush and meander around 
from the dungeon where I am a creator.

06 december 2010 - 00:41:41 h

Oh if Jupiter foresaw 
the deviations to which the planet led us.

03 december 2010 - 11:24:52 h

In the high city being happy is a bad tribute 
dizzy for your hindrance.

02 december 2010 - 21:23:21 h

Legending the past because the now, 
covered in reason, does not lift a finger.

22 november 2010 - 21:34:35 h

If it were possible to ignore the cold thread of hunger 
He was in love with the indifferent.

05 november 2010 - 11:46:37 h

There are gods that guide me 
but it is I who pay them, who dismiss them and allow them.

12 october 2010 - 00:46:39 h

Insulation is a test right now, 
effabulations between the right and the rematch threshold.

07 october 2010 - 00:10:17 h

It's twenty-one and thirty-seven, and I no longer know if the sky is clouded or darkened. At this point I fail to see the stillness of the walls, chairs, rakes, astrolabes, soap dishes, and I don't join fingers either because they stick together, just romance alone like an illustrious doorknob that nobody turns.

04 october 2010 - 21:37:08 h

It is a wonder to exist without cravings.

25 september 2010 - 00:43:22 h

Write nothing on a sword edge. Going back and forth, inside an egg, prayers of sharp saints in the corners repel the weeping days. I get insane, and suddenly the royal's arrow sticks a dagger in my shoulder. I recover from the bad and stop distracting myself from me.

20 september 2010 - 01:33:04 h

Let us stretch our legs for ultra-realism. 
that covers the world.

16 september 2010 - 00:46:40 h

Turnips the devils that forbid us entry.
8 september 2010 - 01:12:25 h

And the day passed all without me feeling.
26 august 2010 - 00:11:16 h

In front of me, phrases on a smiling wall.
18 august 2010 - 19:48:19 h

He was sitting, trying to enjoy what he was doing and yet he was annoyed not knowing what he wanted. That was when he gave me a boogie and I realized, without ignoring it, that it was already lifeless and I didn't want to notice it.

21 july 2010 - 21:38:03 h

Inner Growth Chases Me 
indifferent to any will.

14 july 2010 - 11:33:51 h

While savoring the clean air someone got burned in the dirtiest. It says how it went, is that without seeing I can't believe it, it tells the most open ears that dirty air is for the poorly thought out pots, for the unearthed fools of the illusion of youth.

08 july 2010 - 03:08:10 h

I feel ready 
to the sweet state that protects me and follows me.

02 july 2010 - 23:23:33 h

Life offers its fruits without asking for anything in return.

25 june 2010 - 14:08:26 h

What a second trick to prepare the saying to make it blessed. Cacao sweetener that scolds me bad, windowless car with saddle seats traveling in a vein to one ear to peek at the unjust as if it were a Cusco rumor. Close this abnormal expression in a singular way. Discredit the rhymes that are all enemies and work the lived to improve what is followed.

19 june 2010 - 09:10:58 h

I never buy or sell an experience 
I guarantee neither one nor two nor three 
this business can only bankrupt 
No one suffers, no one loves in our turn. 


16 june 2010 - 20:01:11 h

I have no lunch, just sentimental beauty.

07 june 2010 - 01:18:59 h

In this fruitful moment, 
I remember other things in the world, 
no gall or vagrant asphalt.

30 may 2010 - 02:12:08 h

Uninterrupted I chase my steps and then run away from them fearing the dry recesses of luck. Horseshoes break my audacity, I recover, and again I'm stiff, with no muscles in my face, no value in my chest, no power to stand out.

20 may 2010 - 23:28:16 h

The appearance of my absence 
which has wings of presence.

18 may 2010 - 12:38:45 h

I notice sketches of this world, ill-fated, virulent paintings decorated with the retrograde idea of ??human doom. They forget the sky that reflects all the human smiles and the white clouds cast by the powerful dreams of the daring. I criticize such painters and their fans. This picture does not please me! I gathered some money and bought more vivid paints. Then I stared at the world, and with my cuteness I covered a much more pleasing canvas.

12 may 2010 - 20:25:28 h

That's all for today, I'm feather-wrapped in mute.

02 may 2010 - 01:51:42 h

Half-ideas tackle the ring 
to fix me with carmes.

27 april 2010 - 01:28:41 h

Day in a happy state of being 
in a normal grace imposed by fortunate welfare.

16 april 2010 - 00:12:00 h

In this simple act I dismiss superficiality, 
with a backache savoring the anatomy of common sense.

10 april 2010 - 14:10:21 h

Everything is imperfect in the search for mortality without addictions. 
Everything is perfect in the pursuit of addiction immortality.

3 april 2010 - 16:24:06 h

In these spring days, where the time is now for a few months and coinciding with the round-moon, I feel like glancing over the stories of human nature that are so cleverly wrapped around the regional pronunciations, the pulls of modern sources. , in the nectar of the juiciest fruits, in the phrases spoken with valid words, in the pampering, in the games, in dark chunks, in the old vegetables, in the inalienable forecasts and in the unanimous conjectures of autonomous bonifrates.

31 Março 2010 - 12:57:43 h

It's easier to write with metaphor tanks 
and branches of allegories to clearly expose 
which is sometimes not so obvious.

27 Março 2010 - 12:30:20 h

If I run away from words they chase me. 
I grab them and my attention engages and thinks.

22 Março 2010 - 22:25:54 h

Tear the webs to block the veins, do not breathe to avoid constancy. Translating the now behind the writing, blessed remedy in the words you say. Amend the error that I do not know if incorrect or if poorly done.

20 Março 2010 - 13:10:39 h

I'm marked by a around 
which may or may not be search.

9 Março 2010 - 23:49:02 h

It is the colors that access the emotions and mix them with the sum of diverse cuties.

4 Março 2010 - 23:07:01 h

Easy is to let life jump like a fly flight, 
through agonizing moments of sentimentality.

27 february 2010 - 08:27:37 h

What an existential sense the immortal of creativity demarcated from reality. 

23 february 2010 - 12:39:11 h

I prefer a punch and an arrow in the chest 
that the sight of a defective temple.

18 february 2010 - 23:27:57 h

What if the Ria filled up completely 
and take me to an uncertain place?

9 february 2010 - 2:08:53 h

Fall into my space and misanthrope archive spoils in a hidden field in my lap. I turn emergent and incoherent bono. I dispute the lack of revolt. I stretch my legs and nothing kills me, nothing shakes me from this sphere 
race of sins.

4 february 2010 - 23:33:13 h

The hands of my north are always galloping.

27 January 2010 - 23:44:54 h

I feel for sentences.

20 January 2010 - 22:48:16 h

A refreshment of indiscipline drips, and the agenda falls straight into a shell of discord. I hobble to escape the mousetrap and lurk my life not to yawn in a shotgun. I prepare the shield and learn suicidal. 
I vulgarize blasphemies, cynical smoking, clinical venge.

14 January 2010 - 23:23:14 h
Cheria-me a deuses

Smell me of gods and emanate from me 
an austere taste of hedonism.

11 January 2010 - 00:17:04 h
vem, vamos, anda daí

 forget about myself and regret it soon.

07 January 2010 - 21:48:32 h
vem, vamos, anda daí

Whenever I'm cold, my being asks and I create.

29 december 2009 - 13:44:27 h

vem, vamos, anda daí

Take ideas no one touches 
and leave the party without opening your mouth.

18 december 2009 - 00:59:37 h

vem, vamos, anda daí

Only writing purges a vate.

08 december 2009 - 23:11:02 h

vem, vamos, anda daí

Shoveling in so many is sold to happiness.

25 november 2009 - 00:33:32 h
vem, vamos, anda daí

It costs me to see the day disappear 
without a record that glorifies him.

17 november 2009 - 16:53:50 h

vem, vamos, anda daí

in my eyes a funnel always rotated 
the field of vision changes, it's crazy 
what is beautiful becomes giant, enlarged 
and the ugly less ugly, a little less.


10 november 2009 - 18:10:54 h
vem, vamos, anda daí

The swinging arm and time give what it has while laughing handsaw flights on a torchless carpet.

20 october 2009
vem, vamos, anda daí

The news is coming, 
full of tasty sacrifices for those who worship them.

9 september 2009
vem, vamos, anda daí

Complete disappearance of solar shade 
that copies us all.

2 september 2009
vem, vamos, anda daí
How the gods surprise me. 
5 august 2009
vem, vamos, anda daí
I can be so hug 
Like a comet in space. 
5 august 2009
vem, vamos, anda daí

and tell me the shoulder cynically 
Your condition is not clinical.

6 july 2009
vem, vamos, anda daí

A full color man's cut.

22 june 2009
Calco relva como o ar durmo em pé sem lá estar.

Yesterday I threw stones at the future 
and I gasped him for strife. 

17 may 2009
Calco relva como o ar durmo em pé sem lá estar.
If I drop in my pockets 
sew me with strong thread 
and become a coat. 
21 Abri 2009
Mochila às costas vida em postas

Duplicate the pains of being happy. 
13 april 2009

Pia o sol pia o dia

To remember is to love me deified.

6 Março 2009

test image

I'm on a plate 
hard bad 
shoe sole 
like this 

1 february 2009
test image

Bitter thistles at will roll! I, attentive, remain complete, my being is me, my full self. Distracts prose falls on the subway. Don't get it right. End point every seven words and clear the measure. This, writes smooth and without scale! I say scrupulous, foolish in joy, describe forms of gravity somersault that squeezes me.aperte.

1 January 2009
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